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By Leslie Ann McMillan

Your mission in life is to fulfill your purpose. Certainly, that is true on a personal level. It can also be true in your business or community enterprise. You are receiving this instrument of communication—and others like it—from Small Business Exchange Northeast because somehow, sometime, somewhere, you took concrete steps to participate in the great and worthy purpose of public involvement through business or service, including building or supplying public projects or institutions.
George Harms 3aWe have walked that road, too. For more than thirty-nine years, Small Business Exchange has existed to help connect small businesses, prime contractors, large businesses, agencies, groups, organizations, and institutions in the valuable fulfillment of specific projects and opportunities.
American Bridge 5When we send you a publication, post a fax or email, make a telephone call, or update our website, we are providing information that can advance the purpose of your enterprise.
From the basic value of expanding worthwhile knowledge to the potential gain of landing a great contract, you will truly benefit from a few minutes of reading not only the headlines and articles, but especially the advertisements regarding specific projects and active companies with which you might connect.
George Harms 4If you have seen an advertisement before, read it again! The latest edition might have some new details—or you might be in a new situation that warrants another look at a familiar opportunity.
You will find pertinent information on enormous projects that must have small business participation in order to move forward. Most of the readers of these words are small business people. Some of these people and their enterprises are excellent matches for the projects or companies presented here. You might be one of them.
If you think there is a potentially suitable connection between your enterprise and one of the advertised projects or companies, you are just a call or email away from entering a conversation that might prove to be an excellent step forward either now or in the future. The first step need not be the final step, even if one particular project or company is not a good fit right now.
One of our key purposes at Small Business Exchange Northeast is to encourage small diversity businesses to keep walking a little further and achieving a little more. We hope something in each of our publications and services will help, whether to lift your head or to lift your wings.
This is a good time to prepare your heart and mind. Acquire the right training and tools. Know your opportunities. Get ready for an effective bid or contract process. Do good work. Learn a little more. Achieve a little more.
Our advertisers are looking for small business contractors or suppliers. Your regular investment of a few minutes of reading and positively responding could lead to progress that you had not previously considered in fulfilling your purpose.

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