Bid Requests

Owner:              East Bay Municipal Utility District
Project:             Carter Reservoir Rehabilitation, Arroyo Pumping Plant Improvement,
                         and Arroyo Reservoir Replacement
Specification No. 2185
Bid Date:           July 17, 2024
Bid Time:           1:30 p.m.
Quote Due:       July 17, 2024 by 10:00 a.m.
Contractor:         NTK Construction, Inc.
                           501 Cesar Chavez St., Suite 115
                           San Francisco, CA 94124
                           415-643-1900 (phone) - 415-643-1300 (fax)
Estimator:           Tin Tran -
We, NTK Construction, Inc. (NTK), will be bidding this project as a prime contractor and we are interested in receiving proposals/quotes from qualified subcontractors, suppliers and truckers for the following items of work: (but not limited to) Demolition, saw-cutting, concrete coring, hazardous materials handling, grading, excavation, shoring, fill, concrete, rebar, waterproofing, roofing, tank construction, painting, industrial coatings, bolting, welding, mechanical, electrical, HVAC, pipeline, plumbing, handrails, guardrails, gratings and railings, fencing, trucking, landscaping, and paving.
Description of work:  The project, in general, consists of performing work at three locations:
·       At Carter Reservoir in Moraga: blasting and recoating of the interior and exterior of the existing 0.25-million-gallon steel tank, and replacement of the existing wood roof with an aluminum dome roof, and rehabilitation of the reservoir valve vault and associated mechanical piping;
·       At Arroyo Pumping Plant in Moraga: demolish and replace existing meter;
·       At Arroyo Reservoir in Moraga: demolition and removal of the existing 1.0-million-gallon steel tanks, valve pit, and related piping; construction of two steel tanks (0.29 million gallons capacity) Arroyo Reservoir Nos. 1 and 2 including reinforced concrete foundations, tank shells, aluminum dome roofs, valve structures and associate piping.
Estimated Construction Costs:   $14M to $17M
Time Allowed for Completion:    1,050 calendar days
Please know there are the following Contracting Objectives on this project:

White Men 25% 25% 25%
White Women 9% 6% 2%
Ethnic Minorities
(Men and Women)
NTK can provide a link to view the project plans and specifications or they may be viewed at our office (501 Cesar Chavez St., Suite 115, San Francisco, CA 94124).
Please contact the estimator listed above for any questions or to express your interest in providing a bid.
NTK Construction, Inc. (NTK) is an equal opportunity employer.

NTK Construction, Inc. - Carter Reservoir Rehabilitation, Arroyo Pumping Plant Improvement, and Arroyo Reservoir Replacement

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