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Revised Bid Date: 2:00p.m., Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Requests proposals/quotes from all qualified & certified DBE & SBE subcontractors, suppliers, service providers and truckers for the following BART Project:
For Millbrae Tail Tracks Extension, Contract NO. 15CH-110
Site and Civil Improvements Including but are not limited to the following:  Demolition; Site Work, Utilities, Structural Works, Track Work, Traction Power Work, Electrical & Lighting, Train Control Work, Aggregates, Concrete Materials & Trucking; SWPPP; Traffic Controland any other relevant area of work associated with this project.
Bonding, insurance, lines of credit and any technical assistance or information related to the plans & specifications & requirements for the work will be made available to interested suppliers & subcontractors.  Assistance with obtaining necessary equipment, supplies, materials, or related assistance or services for this project will also be offered to interested DBE certified suppliers, subcontractors, truckers.  A & B is signatory to the Operating Engineers and Laborers Collective Bargaining Agreements.
100% Payment & Performance bonds will be required from a single, Treasury-listed surety company subject to A & B’s approval.  A & B will pay bond premium up to 1.5%.  Subcontractors awarded on any project will be on A & B’s standard form for subcontract without any modifications.
We are an Equal Opportunity Employer
For plans and specifications:

For questions and concerns please contact A&B’s estimating department:
Phone: 510-999-6000
Fax: 510-982-3636

A & B CONSTRUCTION - For Millbrae Tail Tracks Extension, Contract NO. 15CH-110

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