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RFP for San Francisco LBE Engineering Consultants
Large Confidential Private Development Project

3QC is requesting proposals from Local Business Enterprises (LBE) certified with the City/County of San Francisco, Contract Monitoring Division (CMD) whose gross revenues do not exceed $2.5 million (average in the last three years) to serve as a subconsultant on our Commissioning Team for a large private development located in San Francisco.  Support services to be performed include Engineering As-Built Validation.  The selected LBE consultant will assist in the performance of on-site construction observation and installation verification. Projects are anticipated to be located in the local San Francisco area. Scope includes jobsite visits during construction activities. Applicant is responsible for providing all required equipment, devises, software licenses, and personal protection apparel necessary for the work at their own cost.

Scope: The following scope is included in the base scope requirements.

  • Attend one Kick-Off meeting at the start of construction and attend safety training.
  • Maintain and verify all Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection (MEPFP) related as-built field conditions during the final 6-months of a construction project.
  • Provide bi-weekly (every other week) walkdowns of all MEPFP installation and document as-built conditions as well as identify potential problem areas regarding access to equipment / devices. Bi-weekly walks to start after a reasonable portion of the MEPFP systems are in place, coordinating with the General Contractor’s project schedule. Prepare a monthly update as to the rough-in percentage complete for each of the MEPFP systems (by floor). This will be utilized by Ownership for reviewing billing percentages. The as-builts will also to be used to verify the subcontractors Turn Over Package information is accurate.
  • In addition, as part of the Quality Assurance and Control process, review all of the installation check-lists for the MEPFP material / equipment components, that would need to be filled out / maintained by the subcontractors and can be viewed as a formal documentation of their QA/QC programs.  These lists are to be reviewed on a monthly basis as part of the progress payment request documentation, along with reviewing the “Record Drawings” for each of the trades.
  • Deliverables will include documentation of as-built conditions for each of the MEPFP trades utilizing Bluebeam or another program if mutually agreed. as well as “Observation Reports” that would be written and distributed after every jobsite visit.  Potential maintenance related issues found during the jobsite visits will be documented in the weekly field observation reports.

Proposal Requirements:

  • Qualifications: Each respondent should submit materials that highlight their qualifications providing Engineering As-Build Validation on complex, large projects.  Information should include the project examples and references.
  • Personnel:  Please include a summary resume of each key individual and advise what percent of their time would be devoted to this project.
  • Commercial Proposal: Hourly rates by position for all personnel being proposed for the project must be presented.
  • Fee Basis: Fixed Fee.
  • Deadline: Respond by 02/24/2020


For more information about this project and to submit qualifications, please contact Tracy Jenkins at 3QC at

3QC - RFP for San Francisco LBE Engineering Consultants Large Confidential Private Development Project

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