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225 3rd Street, Oakland, CA  94607
phone:  510-671-0000      fax:  510-671-1000

Requests proposals/quotes from all qualified and certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) subcontractors, suppliers, and truckers for the following project: 

Fair Oaks Ave Overhead Bridge Rehabilitation
City of Sunnyvale
bids:   October 16, 2019 @ 3 pm

The work consists but not limited to the following: Control of Work; Temporary Traffic Control; Water Pollution Control; Existing Facilities; Grading; Clearing & Grubbing; Earthwork; Landscape; Surfacings & Pavements; Hot Mix Asphalt; Structures; Prestressing Concrete; Concrete Structures; Rebar; Steel Structures; Painting; Drainage; Concrete Pipe; Miscellaneous Construction; Concrete Curbs & Sidewalks; Miscellaneous Metal; Local Infrastructure; Signal & Lighting; Erosion Control; Chainlink Fences & Gates; MTL Railing; Painting; Railings & Barriers; Markers & Delineators

Bonding, insurance, lines of credit and any technical assistance or information related to the plans & specifications & requirements for the work will be made available to interested DBE certified suppliers & subcontractors.  Assistance with obtaining necessary equipment, supplies, materials, or related assistance or services for this project will also be offered to interested DBE certified suppliers, subcontractors, truckers.  PMI is signatory to the Operating Engineers, Carpenters, and Laborers Collective Bargaining Agreements.

100% Payment & Performance bonds will be required from a single, Treasury-listed surety company subject to PMI’s approval.  PMI will pay bond premium up to 1.5%.  Subcontractors awarded on any project will be on PMI’s standard form for subcontract without any modifications.  For questions or assistance required on the above, please call.
We are an Equal Opportunity Employer

PROVEN MANAGEMENT, INC. - Fair Oaks Ave Overhead Bridge Rehabilitation

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