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Click for bid opportunitiesBy Ram Kezel, Hostinger Media

When starting or upgrading a business, there are many matters to consider. The business email shouldn’t be the last one on the list. Since September 1 was World Letter Writing Day, it is a perfect time to prepare your business email for your future letters. 
Make It Personal
When people receive a letter from your business, all they see at the first glance is a sender name and the subject. And it shouldn’t be a puzzle for them to understand who is writing and why. You should make it personal with a decent sender name, that would mention not only your business name but your own name as well.
Letters with a generic sender name, such as “Example Company”, might seem like a plain advertisement. People tend to avoid that. A man named George should use “George from Example” instead. It’s best when the email address mentions your name as well. Email marketing software Pinpointe conducted research and found out that using a specific personal name as the send-from address can improve the open rate by fifteen to thirty-five percent. 
Email atMake It Recognizable
It is valuable to set up a good sender’s name. But once the letter is opened, the email address becomes visible. And it should be recognizable. If it looks like, it might seem like a scam. No reliable business should use a generic inbox.
To be recognizable, you should make your business email address with a business name in the domain. In George’s case, it would be best to create a email address. This way it is both recognizable and more trustworthy.
Make It Professional
When you are using your email to reach out to people, it is good to make it personal. But when people are reaching out to your business, they don’t know who exactly handles what. So it is better to make it professional and use the role-based email addresses. You can use for media inquiries, or for sales matters. If your business is located in different cities you can give them separate addresses, such as and

Make It To The Inbox
Since you have your email set, it is essential to look after your email address reputation. You should take good care of your correspondence in order to make it to the inbox. Even if the letter was delivered for the recipient, it might have landed in the spam folder. Web hosting company Hostinger suggests seven steps to follow, to keep your business emails away from spam inboxes:
  1. Don’t use spam trigger words, such as click here, act now, lowest price, and so on;
  2. Send only relevant content for the recipient;
  3. Do not under any circumstances buy an email list;
  4. For newsletters, you must include an “Unsubscribe” link;
  5. Your subject line shouldn’t be misleading; you can’t use RE: if you are not responding;
  6. Don’t use all caps;
  7. Make your subject line longer than one word.
World Letter Writing Day started with a focus on handwritten letters, but since then, a lot has changed. Now people send their letters online and use an email for that. We use email not only for personal letters but for work-related topics as well. No business could operate without an email. So if you are on the way to starting or upgrading a business, don’t forget to take care of your business email, and not only on World Letter Writing Day.

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