New Squibb Bridge at Brooklyn Bridge Park


Click for bid opportunitiesBy Leslie McMillan

Considering that the beloved Brooklyn Bridge took fourteen complicated years to complete after construction began one hundred fifty years ago, one could also take the long view of the Squibb Bridge. The nine-spanned pedestrian bridge between Squibb Park and Brooklyn Bridge Park has zigged and zagged from one problem to another since its opening in 2013. For most of those six years, it has been closed for repairs, and more repairs, to its bouncy metal and wood framework.
George Harms 10The original $4.9 million cost led to another $3.4 in renovations, but Squibb Bridge has been closed yet again since last summer. In December, the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation decided to start over with a completely new steel structure built on existing concrete supports. It will feature wood decking. The budgeted rebuilding cost will be $6.5 million.
American Bridge 1In a region of multi-billion-dollar construction projects, the relatively tiny cost of a short walkway from one park to another might seem entirely insignificant. But for the Squibb Bridge, in view of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline, the little glitches confounding major entities have imposed a high price in terms of safety concerns and public perceptions during the past six years. Enough is enough.
Squibb Bridge new designTurner Construction Company, an international construction services firm based in New York, has been awarded the contract to build the new Squibb Bridge designed by Arup, an international design and engineering firm based in London with an office in New York. The project is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2020.
Turner is seeking construction management services from among firms owned by minorities or women. They are inviting cost proposals from New York City certified, Vendex approved M/WBE contractors and vendors. The due date for this part of the project is June 1, 2019.
As described in Turner’s request, posted here, the project will include a site survey, removal of the existing nine bridge spans in a safe, efficient, and nondisruptive manner, delivery and installation of new spans designed by Arup and fabricated off site, and finishing work. Please see the Turner notice for more project and contact details.
Brooklyn Bridge Park, one of New York City’s favorites, extends along a mile of waterfront and piers. The view of Manhattan is extraordinary.

Squibb Park
is a playground named in honor of Edward Squibb, who founded Squibb Pharmaceuticals in 1858, with its laboratory situated near today's park.

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