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The five-city InVision Tour, sponsored by the United States Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA), will feature its New York City event on May 21–22, 2019, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, at the Ted Weiss Federal Building, 290 Broadway, in Manhattan. You can quickly register online, free of charge.
George Harms 5aThis Small Business Exchange Northeast article is based directly on descriptions that you can find on the MBDA InVision Tour website or on the main MBDA website. We encourage you to read this article for several pieces of relevant information, and also to visit the InVision and MBDA websites for more details.
George Harms 4The InVision Tour—visiting Atlanta, Houston, Oakland, New York City, and Detroit—informs minority innovators and industrialists on technology transfer and how to use the federal government’s laboratories and research centers (there are more than three hundred) to create new innovations.
George Harms 5aAre you an innovator or an industrialist? The New York City InVision event will enable you to discover how tech transfer helps you imagine, invent, and incorporate your own products with federal resources, so you can build wealth for your company, community, and the country.
MBDA InVisionTechnology transfer, also known as T2, is the process by which existing knowledge, facilities, or capabilities developed under federal research and development funding are utilized to fulfill public and private needs.
Through MBDA InVision events and other resources, innovators, industrialists, disruptors, researchers, and entrepreneurs are learning how they can leverage public research and resources to jumpstart their private interest, business ideas, products, and inventions. InVision will give you access to valuable professional contacts from around the United States, and all the knowledge you need to get started in T2.
Opportunities during the two-day New York City InVision event will include: at least ten peer-selected presentations covering topics from partner strategies to financing, and everything in between; more than ten local labs in one place, at one time, enabling you to see what innovations you could be using to commercialize; and more than two hundred professionals and entrepreneurs among whom to network and build essential partnerships.

The MBDA InVision Tour convenes business owners and entrepreneurs, your local MBDA Business Center, universities, regional innovation stakeholders, and federal officials to share information on what it takes to bring new technologies to the commercial marketplace and protect them through patents and copyrights.

Conference goals are for attendees to:
  • Gain an understanding of United States government labs and the technologies available
  • Learn what it takes to bring new products to the commercial marketplace
  • Identify new technologies and protect them through patents and copyrights
Common means of technology transfer are cooperative research and development agreements, facility usage, and licensing agreements. Federal labs, however, use numerous other contractual or informal methods to facilitate T2. Depending on the agency or laboratory policy, some of the other mechanisms you may come across are:
  • Alliance through memorandum of understanding
  • Collegial interchange, conferences, and publications
  • Consulting services
  • Technical assistance
  • Clinical trial agreements
  • Commercial evaluation license agreements
  • Educational partnership agreements
  • Material transfer agreements
The InVision Tour aims to level the playing field for minorities unfamiliar with the possibilities of T2 and how it can serve the greater good.

The Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC) was organized in 1974 to promote and strengthen technology transfer nationwide. The FLC website notes that currently "more than three hundred federal laboratories, facilities, and research centers, and their parent agencies make up the FLC community. Members of the FLC community include world–renowned scientists, engineers, inventors, entrepreneurs, academia, laboratory personnel, and T2 professionals." Read some of the FLC success stories to gain greater understanding of the possibilities that may also be available to you.

For the inspiration and synergy of a significant gathering, register today for your free attendance at the New York City InVision event on May 21 and 22.

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